What Is Well Women Care?

If it’s time for your well women care appointment, let the team at The Birth Center in Missoula, MT put their passion and care to work for your health.

What Happens During Well Women Care Appointments?

From the moment a female hits puberty, it’s imperative that they have regular appointments to screen for potential issues and keep them living a healthy life. The checkups should occur yearly, during which the following will happen.

Comprehensive Physical Exam

This physical exam is like the one you would normally receive from your primary care physician. It will go over your medical history, concerns you have, and symptoms you might be experiencing. Your vitals, heartbeat, lungs, reflexes, and more will be checked. You’ll also be asked about your sexual history and any concerns you have in that department.

When necessary, lab or urine testing will be completed. As it is a comprehensive examination, it can save time to simply have your well-woman visit instead of a separate medical visit. 

Breast Examination 

Your breasts will be checked for irregularities and early signs of breast cancer. This is important as early detection is key. You’ll also learn what to look for so that you can check for irregularities yourself at home each month. 

Pelvic Exam

Though not the most exciting thing, you’ll have a pelvic exam done, as well. During this exam, your ovaries, uterus, vagina, and cervix will be examined for any abnormalities.

During the pelvic exam, a Pap smear will be completed. This is when a tissue sample is taken and sent to the lab for analysis. If anything is abnormal, you’ll be notified of the results. A pap smear is typically only done every other year unless there is a reason for more frequent testing.

These examinations can help the team at The Birth Center detect several issues, some of which can become serious if not addressed early enough. In addition to breast cancer, they help in the detection and diagnosis of cervical cancer, infections, reproductive issues, and more. It’s imperative that you keep these visits as they can both prevent future issues and help you maintain a high quality of life.

Don’t let another year go by. Schedule your well women care appointment in Missoula, MT by calling The Birth Center at (406) 541-7115 today.

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