What Are the Best Out-Of-Hospital Options for Giving Birth?

A hospital is many things, a place to heal, to recover, but few would consider its sterile atmosphere a welcoming one. Although it is still the recommended location for expecting mothers with high-risk pregnancies, for a very large portion of them, an extended hospital stay may not be necessary. If you are interested in exploring your options you should consider The Birth Center of Missoula, MT, which is a freestanding birth center that can provide you with a warm and comforting birthing environment and delivery experience.

The Benefits of Out-Of-Hospital Birthing Options

Unlike other birthing centers that offer midwifery services, a freestanding center operates independently from a hospital system and is operated and run by certified nurse-midwives (CNM).

A certified nurse-midwife is a registered nurse who receives medical training related to childbirth and pregnancy. It is a training that covers elements such as anatomy, physiology, and obstetrics.

But you can expect a more personalized experience than you would in a hospital setting. Your certified nurse midwives will coach you throughout your pregnancy and before with services like preconception counseling, prenatal care, and of course assistance over the course of your delivery.

Support extends beyond the pregnancy with postpartum help, breastfeeding consultations, and well-women visits.

Freestanding Birth Center in Missoula, MT

You can expect a room all to yourself that is made to look and feel just like home, with touches that include home-like furniture and warm lighting. For the circumstances that may require it, they may be transferred to a hospital setting for more in-depth monitoring.

Your local certified nurse midwives can guide you if you are interested in an alternative to in-hospital birth and qualify for their services. So whether it's an interest in a freestanding birth facility or a more comfortable birthing and delivery experience, you can schedule a consultation with The Birth Center in Missoula, MT, by dialing (406) 541-7115.

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