Visiting a Midwifery Clinic

It is never the wrong time to consider thinking about your options in women’s healthcare and family planning. A part of staying healthy is making sure you are taking care of yourself so that you and your family are secure. Visiting a birth center is a great option if you need to get an annual women’s health checkup exam, prenatal care, or any other women’s health and family planning-related care. According to research from the Health Research and Educational Trust, midwifery at a freestanding birth center is an effective alternative to conventional maternity care. The Birth Center and Women’s Health Clinic in Missoula, MT offers birth control options and mental health services to ensure that you are taken care of holistically. This is the only independent birth center in this location. There is a team of midwives at this location ready to individually assist you as they have the expertise and education required to provide sufficient care for patients.

Mission and Services

The Birth Control Center and Women’s Health Clinic’s mission is to provide excellence in midwifery by working together and sharing one vision among their team. To fulfill this mission, this practice strives to make consistent improvements and exceed expectations. New patients should fill out a new patient form before their first visit so that their appointment can be expedited. Both the Non-OB and OB forms can be printed on the birth center’s website. Services at Birth Center and Women’s Health Clinic in Missoula, MT include:

  • Birth control and STD Screenings
  • Well Women Annual Exams
  • Ultrasound checks
  • Postpartum care
  • Prescriptions for vitamins and medicines
  • Mental health screening and treatment
  • Ultrasound checks
  • Etc.

Midwifery Clinic Model for Low-Risk Women

If you are looking for a comfortable birth center, the Birth Center and Women’s Health Clinic has rooms available for you. The model of healthcare in this location is midwifery and family-centered. This clinic stands out from the rest because it truly provides an environment that mimics an actual home environment. Women who are low-risk and healthy usually find the most success here. 

To educate patients, this location offers an extensive online education library on its website. This enables women to make informed decisions regarding their health and supports the team’s mission to improve and enhance women’s health. Here, patients can learn about proper calcium intake and genetic testing amongst other topics. 

In Missoula, MT, birth control is just one of many options available to you at the Birth Center and Women’s Health Clinic. As a midwifery model clinic, women can receive healthcare services and have a private room so that their birthing experience and care are as seamless as possible. For more information, please contact the clinic at (406) 541-7115.

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