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At The Birth Center, we want you to feel at home. On this page, you'll find information about our staff.  We strive to offer you the experience and knowledge that you would expect from a caring midwifery practice along with a responsive attitude and 24/7 direct access to our midwives for all prenatal/postpartum clients.

  • Jeanne Hebl, CNM

    My midwifery career began upon graduation from the University of California, San Francisco General Hospital in 1985. North Central Bronx Hospital in the Bronx, New York, was my first introduction to a long-standing, reputable midwifery service that mainly served the indigent population of the area. My subsequent career experiences include 3 years in Ethiopia, Africa, as a CNM nurse consultant. My main position included training the local nurses to enable them to train the traditional birth attendants (TBA) in their respective languages in a culturally sensitive manner. Following Africa, I relocated to Whitefish, Montana to work at the County Health Department in Kalispell and North Valley Hospital in Whitefish. I also spent 3 years in Browning at the Indian Health Hospital. In 1994, I relocated to Missoula, Montana. After many years in practice assisting births at Community Medical Center, I joined Dr. Lynn Montgomery and participated in the development of the first birth center in Missoula.

    Following the closure of Dr. Montgomery's Birth Center in 2009 due to his passing, I opened another Birth Center to follow in the tradition and vision that both Dr. Montgomery and I shared. My expertise includes caring for women throughout pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. I'm an advocate of natural childbirth and also believe that women should have the option to take charge of their pregnancies and births according to their individual desires. My goal is to empower women by offering unbiased information while presenting options. My passion is to support women and their families through their pregnancies and births. I'm also skilled in well-women annual exams, birth control options, and peri and post-menopausal care. I feel honored to be able to provide an alternative birthing option for the women and families of Missoula.

  • Nichole Loran, CNM

    I have a profound respect for women, their families, and their choices regarding birth and believe that informed consent is a fundamental right of all childbearing families. I believe that childbirth can be an empowering and transformative experience and has the opportunity to strengthen families and therefore communities. I am particularly interested in complementary and alternative medicine for women’s health and have been working to expand my knowledge of these areas. 

    I have worked with Jeanne Hebl since March of 2012, starting as a second attendant at births. I completed my Master’s degree at Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky, training as a Nurse Midwife under Jeanne, and graduated in 2014. In 2017, I completed an internship as a Registered Midwife in British Columbia, Canada. I also have 10 years of experience as a Nursery Intensive Care Unit registered nurse in Montana, California, and Hawaii. Years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a midwife in San Marcos, Guatemala in support of indigenous midwives as well as helping out at the Clinica Naturista, as I am also fluent in Spanish. 

    I have a son who was born in 2015 and our little family generally spends much of the summer months out in the mountains. Our son has already expressed a love of fishing, though neither of us have much experience, we find ourselves preparing for this newfound hobby. We are passionate about growing organic gardens and consider access to healthy food and clean water to be a basic human right.

  • Kathy Crowley-Haywood, CNM

    I joined the Birth Center staff in 2013 and what I love most about the Birth Center is the continuity of care that is found here, as well as our smaller size and accessibility to the providers. I truly enjoy working with women and their families and hope that you will find your visits here to be a positive experience. I believe in the midwifery model we follow here at the Birth Center as a method for safe, thorough care in a calm and nurturing environment. All women deserve a healthy, educated, and empowered pregnancy (and beyond) and it is my goal to help you achieve that. 

    In 1993, I came to Montana as a transfer college student after crossing the country multiple times and deciding that Missoula was the place for me. I originally attended UM for Wildlife Biology and graduated in 1995. Over time, I shifted my attention to raising my two young sons and my experiences with them prompted me to return to school to pursue a second degree in Nursing. I completed my R.N. in 2012 and have since become a Certified Lactation Counselor. In 2021 I completed my Master's degree at Frontier Nursing University to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.  My professional passions include lactation and breastfeeding; obstetrics; nutrition and food security; public health; and women’s issues. 

    In my free time, I am usually found outdoors with my husband and two sons enjoying Western Montana. My hobbies include kayaking, paddle-boarding, hiking, biking, and skiing.

    If I can help you please feel free to call me at 406.541.7115.  If you are considering the Birth Center for your prenatal care I invite you to come for a “Meet & Greet” so we can give you a tour and answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation or cost in exploring your options and we look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

  • Christina Bovinette, MA

    It’s a joy and a privilege to work with the fabulous team at The Birth Center.  Our clients are special and I am thrilled to participate in their care.  I am passionate about women’s health and wellness and am excited for the opportunity to discuss healthcare and birth options with women and families in my community.  I have additional clinical experience in general care and SAR at McMurdo Station, Antarctica and in a local dermatology clinic. I have called Missoula home for almost 10 years and, when not in clinic, I am always up for exploring the local scenery. 

  • Barbra Hardy

    Barbra is our Financial Coordinator she has been with our office since April 2014.  Contact her at  406-251-9430 for questions regarding billing and insurance eligibility.

  • Patti Peragine, Receptionist

    Patricia Peragine (A.K.A. Patti) is a recent addition to The Birth Center.  Patti loves being part of the 'very cool' ladies of The Birth Center, but admittedly squeamish, she is happy to serve in her limited role as office receptionist and support. She says the best thing about the job is meeting excited new parents and their babies. 

    Patty is a mother of 'five of the most awesome people ever,' two very spoiled Texas Heelers, five demanding cats, and is married to one patient and 'very handsome' fellow. 

    In Patti's off-time she writes screenplays, blogs, posts occasional YouTube videos, and is a photographer. If you are interested in maternity or newborn photos, you can contact Patti at 310-321-8990.  Check our her photography website https://www.3rdstreetphotograp...

  • Jessi Marcinek, RN

    I am a graduate of the University of Montana, Missoula College, where I majored in Arts and Science. 

    In August of 2020 I was able to join the Birth Center as a newly graduated nurse. Prior to this exciting opportunity, I worked in the Saint Patrick Hospital Family Maternity Center. 

    Two of my greatest interests in life are pregnancy and breastfeeding. Being able to actually work with people experiencing both of these journeys is amazing to me. 

    I live in Missoula with my husband (who may have delivered your UPS boxes), my two rapidly growing daughters, two awkward dogs, two taciturn cats, and two of the cutest rats ever. 

    When I’m not in clinic or being an impromptu home-school teacher, you can find me hiking, knitting, sometimes even hiking and knitting, or reading something post-apocalyptic.

  • Ashley Hinton-Sharp, CPM

    Hello and congratulations! I’m a licensed midwife in the state of Montana and have been attending births in this community since 2001. I am a graduate of the National College of Midwifery, Taos, NM and have provided home birth, doula services and childbirth classes in Missoula ever since. I was recently appointed by the governor to serve on the Board of Alternative Health Care which is a new and exciting endeavor for me.

    I am excited and honored to now be on the team here at the Birth Center, helping out with births as well as providing doula care, labor and postpartum support for those clients seeking the extra help during this wonderful time in their lives. I love and respect attending births in all settings. My goal is that every woman feels supported during her childbearing years and that she has as many options available to her so she can create her own unique birth experience, find her own power and write her own birth story.

    I am the mama of 4 wildly amazing children and have a wonderful and supportive husband, my best friend is my husky (Saka) and I have been somewhat swindled by my begging children into a few other random pets that I have come to dearly love. I basically consider myself a ringleader of my very own circus. We live in the heart of Missoula and when I’m not helping women and families such as yourself, you can find me hiking the trails, biking with my family, swimming in our rivers and lakes, sharing meals with my community of friends; always wishing there were a few more hours in a day and that my children would grow a little slower. I value everyday life as a gift and being part of my growing family, as well as yours, is a blessing that I am eternally grateful for.

    If you are looking for the extra doula labor support, please do reach out and we can devise a plan to meet your specific needs. 406-396-0222 or check out my doula tab @ Otherwise, perhaps I will receive a call the day you are being blessed with your own little ones arrival here at The Birth Center. I look forward to it.

  • Traci Cregan, RN

    Traci comes to The Birth Center from Massachusetts with 14+ years of L&D experience with 10 years being an Assistant Coordinator of the Alternative Birthing Center at Women & Infant's Hospital in Providence, RI. She has been a nurse for 38 years having graduated with her Associates Degree in 1984. After 4 deliveries at the ABC with midwifery assistance, Traci has a passion for empowering women in their childbirth choices. Once her own children were grown, she went back to school to obtain her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing and continued for her Master's Degree in Nursing education in 2020. While on an extended visit here in Missoula visiting family and attending the birth of her first grandchild, the opportunity to join The Birth Center was an unexpected blessing that could not be turned down!

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